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Training topics

Each year, the OCPA conference focuses on training topics that will assist attendees in their efforts to prevent crime throughout Ohio. The 2023 OCPA Conference will focus on community engagement and technology. 

AGENDA:  Agenda OCPA Conference.pdf

  • Officer Marty Dunn -Community Engagement for Shaker Heights Police
  • Inspector Jeri Roper - TSA  Threat Assessments for Transportation Businesses
  • Director of Community Engagement & Social Media Michaela Thomas of Stark County
  • Detective Cassandra Shaffer Ohio State University - Campus Crime Prevention
  • Officer Nick Lambert of Huber Heights - Crushing It With Community Engagement
  • Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton - Rural Community Engagement
  • Ohio Fusion Center
  • Ohio State Highway Patrol Intelligence Unit - Crime Analysis
  • Ohio Department of Commerce - Securities Fraud
  • Ohio Department of Consumer Affairs - Consumer Fraud
  • Retired Captain Mike Knack - Locating, Legally Obtaining & Utilizing Digital Evidence
  • President & CEO Alex Zinni Alpha Key Digital - Marketing and Branding for Law Enforcement
  • Tom McLean - Skillful Communication Builds Community
  • Northeast Ohio EDGE/SWAT - Transcend Robotics demonstration
  • Now What? Preparing for Life after Public Service presented by Dan Katt
  • Officer George Panagiotou - Faith Outreach and PAL programming
  • The Eyes in the Sky - ODOT's Justin Yoh and Michael McNeil present on traffic management

Highlights of the 2023 Conference

Community Engagement in Rural Communities – Staying Connected with Program and Technology

Union County Sherriff’s Office engages with the rural community through programs, technology and fundraising. Learn how to run successful initiatives such as Project Life Saver, Senior Watch, Neighborhood and Business Watch, CRASE training in the workplace and House of Worship, Coffee with the Sheriff and Deputies, Safety Town and crime prevention outreach initiatives for farm safety. The UCSO also utilizes Kind Calls for Seniors and a Sheriff’s app to connect with residents, and has successfully operated fundraisers to bring in thousands of dollars! Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton will share his expertise.

Rebranding Law Enforcement: Through Communications, Outreach and Participation (COP)

Michaela Thomas, Director of Community Engagement for Stark County Sherriff's Office, is presenting a workshop that will provide applicable strategies designed to enhance the relationship between law enforcement and the community. The curriculum will also address the challenges law enforcement faces today as it relates to public perception and how we can reestablish our mission, purpose, and commitment to those we serve.

Crushing It in Community Engagement

Officer Nick Lambert of Huber Heights Police Division took his average police department to Crushing it in Community Engagement! HHPD has three very active social media platforms and a website, and offers residents a Citizens Police Academy, Crime Prevention Academy, and a variety of awesome events. Developing relationships with the community is an integral part of police work and the department has used community help to acquire resources and execute successful events.  

Perception Management: Policing in the Age of Social Media

Alexander Zinni  started Alpha Key Digital to help businesses thrive in a digital world, and  now more than ever police and sheriff departments must navigate the public's perception on their media. The citizens expect these government bodies to consistently post on Social media channels and interact on the internet. Many law enforcement agencies ask themselves, "What should I post, and how should I respond to the public?" They now find themselves in need of best practices for the Social media landscape. Tips, practical advice, and case studies will be provided to help these law enforcement agencies tactfully communicate with the people they defend. 

From Active Threat to Threat Assessment, Empowering the OSU Community

Campus safety is priority for The Ohio State University Police Department and is ever evolving.

The OSU campus is over 2.5 square miles with five extension campuses and property in all 88 counties in the State of

 Ohio. A student population of 65,000, staff population of 47,600, Wexner Medical Center staff and patients, and numerous campus visitors daily creates unique challenges for OSUPD.  OSU Detective Cassandra Shaffer will share how a large campus like OSU employs active threat and threat assessment programming for civilians and how the department engages and empowers the community. This presentation will provide insight into how safety on a campus this size is achieved through a partnership with Buckeye Nation. Detective Shaffer encourages anyone to ask questions about the department’s challenges and accomplishments in this goal.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Criminal Intelligence Unit - Capabilities Overview

The presentation will provide an overview of the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Criminal Intelligence Unit’s capabilities.  The presentation will focus on how the unit can provide real-time assistance, case support and products for both internal and external law enforcement customers The Ohio State Highway Patrol Criminal Intelligence Unit was established in 2002, becoming fully staffed and operational in 2012.  The Intelligence Unit currently provides 24/7 support to internal and external law enforcement customers with real-time crash, case and traffic stop assistance, as well as long-term, larger scale case support.  OSHP Intelligence Analysts are trained in a number of disciplines and provide analytical support for a wide variety of criminal activities.  Services are offered free of charge to any inquiring law enforcement agency. 

 The Eyes in the Sky

Justin Yoh will present on the Ohio Traffic Incident Management (OTIM).  This statewide program looks to provide training to first responders on how to safely manage incident scenes. Learn about the trainings ODOT offers and many other aspects of the program.

Michael McNeill will present on ODOT Traffic Management Center (TMC). An overview of ODOT’s traffic management center will be provided and how it can be used as a resource for officers responding to incident scenes. The center has access to over 1000 freeway cameras in the state and manages over 150 Digital messages boards. Learn about the TRIP Program (Towing & Recovery Incentive), Freeway Service Patrol Program, and ODOT’s ability to record video from cameras, as well as the newly adopted wireless emergency alert system and how Ohio’s traveler information system (OHGO) is integrated.

How Skillful Communication Builds Community

Being successful in the sales profession is accomplished by gaining the confidence and trust of potential clients.  This is done by using effective sales skills and techniques, and these same skills, when applied to policing, can help improve effectiveness at developing increased trust with the clientele, our citizens. Officers striving for excellence in their community engagement efforts can develop and achieve their personal goals as this session will explore the best sales methods to improve communication skills

Tom McLean started out in sales and marketing and his professional career spans five decades in business. Tom has developed and implemented methods to profitably grow companies which led to turning around struggling businesses, ultimately founding and growing several new companies employing hundreds around the world. He attributes his business success to recruiting practices which focused on hiring people with good communication skills, continually sharpened through mentoring and training.

Protect the Nation’s Transportation Systems to Ensure Freedom of Movement for People and Commerce

TSA Surface Inspectors are responsible for some regulatory inspections, but the primary focus is within the TSA Outreach Programs which are free to any business where land-based transportation is a function of the business. These programs are designed to help elevate awareness and decrease opportunities for risks related to terrorism or other criminal activities. Crime prevention practitioners will learn how the TSA Outreach Programs help businesses in training, assessing processes, evaluating security programs, and how they perform exercises or drills.

Police Activities League and Faith Outreach Programs

Officer George Panagiotou, aka O.G. or Officer George, will share his expertise with PAL programing and faith outreach.  Designed with the specific purpose to connect with their community and make positive impacts on their youth, PAL Programs in Euclid continue to find great success. Driven by the efforts and energy of a key team of people, the non-profit arm of Euclid Police uses programs like soccer camps, basketball, Safety Town, and the Junior Police Academy to bridge gaps with the youth and continue to fight the sometimes-negative perception of law enforcement. Also, learn how Euclid Police are continuing to build relationships with their houses of worship in an effort to better serve and connect with their community. 

Transcend Robotics demonstration by EDGE/SWAT. 


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