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Special project award

Every year new crime prevention programs are developed or old ones revitalized and given new direction.  This award will recognize a new or improved program that has had a significant impact on crime prevention efforts in the last 12 months.


    • Any law enforcement agency
    • Any governmental agency
    • Any community-based organization (for profit and non-profit)

Nomination Criteria:

Any organization that has developed a new crime prevention program or re-vamped an existing one during the previous 12 months.

The nomination can be made by any member of the agency or organization who implemented the program or by someone having knowledge of the program.

Nomination should include:

    • Name of the agency or organization who implemented the program
    • Date the program was implemented
    • Crime problem targeted
    • Effectiveness of program
    • Community group or geographical area targeted by the program

Nominations will be accepted June 26, 2021 thru Aug 11, 2021.


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