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Advanced Crime Prevention Training
2 Day Course

The Ohio Crime Prevention Association hosts a two-day Advanced Crime Prevention Course for law enforcement professionals. This course is intended to expose and engage practitioners amid more complex and experiential learning methods in the practice of crime prevention. We will focus on ways to prepare experienced practitioner to educate the public how to protect itself in personal safety and physical security process and method.

The focus of the course will be technical/advanced classroom work, coupled with practical apprentice observation and demonstration field time in the areas of electronic protection and detection systems, physical target hardening hardware and methods, cyber security technology and risk assessment methodology. Senior and experienced practitioners will benefit from this course as they build on their current and basic knowledge. 

Major topics are more limited than in a general crime prevention class, in order to focus on a select few, specific subjects that often create the most risk to the safety of persons and property. The major topics presented in this course also parallel some of the most critical and essential field service situations that crime prevention practitioners often face.


    • Electronic Security Systems: Intrusion Detection Systems; Access Control Systems; Video Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television Systems; A Blend of People, Electronic, Physical and Procedural Protection
    • Physical Security Systems: Site Hardening; Key Management; Advanced Locking Systems; Safe Technology; Security Lighting;
    • Cyber Security: Cyber Security Issues; Vulnerability Mitigation; Recent Geotechnologies; Victimization Issues; Social Networking; Cyber Crime and Laws; Internet Issues for Law Enforcement
    • Security Risk Analysis: Overview; Understanding Risk; The Dynamics and Process of Risk Analysis; Threats; Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis; The Risk Analysis Report


    • Crime Prevention Practitioners and Loss Prevention Managers
    • Crime & Loss Prevention Professionals interested in advanced knowledge
    • Community Policing Officers, DARE Officers, School Resource Officers and other interested law enforcement personnel
    • Citizens involved in Community Policing or Crime Prevention efforts
    • Chiefs & Sheriff’s interested in starting or advancing Crime Prevention programs in their communities


Tel: (740) 280-OCPA (6272)

Email:  info@ocpa-oh.org
Website:  www.ocpa-oh.org

P.O. Box 178 * Galloway, Ohio * 43119

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