A Professional Recognition in Crime Prevention

When you apply to be certified as a Crime Prevention Specialist (CPS)© from the Ohio Crime Prevention Association, you are on your way to demonstrating that you are among the best in the field. You'll join a select group of men and women who have made the commitment to excellence in crime prevention, and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. 

Founded in 1992, the OCPA CPS Program was designed not only to further evaluate professional standards and evaluate individual performance, but also to recognize and distinguish those who have reached one of the highest levels of achievement in the crime prevention profession. Among crime prevention professionals and law enforcement executives, the CPS is known and valued. Not only is it a mark of distinction within our profession, but it offers you a wide range of benefits:

      • Professionalizes and institutionalizes the crime prevention field
      • Recognized professional certification by a professional organization
      • Demonstrates qualifications to obtain Continuing Education Units for higher education
      • More clearly defines a Crime Prevention Practitioner's job description
      • Establishes crime prevention standards that all departments will strive to follow
      • May lead to promotion within your agency based on a recognized professional specialization
      • Assist in defining the crime prevention officer's relationship to the Department's Accreditation program
      • Further defines the role of the crime prevention professional within a community policing framework
      • Assists the OCPA in identifying professional instructors
      • Assists the CPS upon retiring, to maintain professional standards and to increase marketability
      • Eligible to purchase and wear the OCPA’s distinctive CPS lapel pin


All members interested in taking the test must complete the Application Form and mail with payment to: 

Ohio Crime Prevention Association
Certification Committee
PO Box 178
Galloway, OH 43119

The Application Form and payment must be received at least five days prior to the testing date in order to be eligible to take the test. Only OCPA members may take the examination. Applications for membership can be obtained by calling the OCPA Office. The CPS exam will be administered by your OCPA District Representative. Once the OCPA Office has received your application and fee, they will contact you with your District Representative's name and contact information. You can then contact your OCPA District Representative and make arrangements to take the CPS exam.


To offset the cost of administering the Certification Program, a $50, non refundable, registration fee is due with the filing of the certification application, made payable to the OCPA. Payment for the exam must be received before the exam can be taken. The fee is valid for taking the examination and one re-test if necessary.


The test consists of 100 questions, multiple choice, and true and false. Each certification candidate will have two hours to complete the examination. The test is based on the 2012 revised OCPA Basic Crime Prevention Manual curriculum. In order to be eligible to take the CPS exam you must have a Certificate of Completion from the OCPA 3-Day Basic Crime Prevention Course and be an OCPA member.


The principle purpose of the CPS Certification Program is professional development. Continuing education in the field of crime prevention is necessary for all who are involved with crime prevention programming, whether from the private or public sector. A Re-certification Program has been designed to encourage individuals to keep current in new field developments and maintain their credentials. The certification designation is good for three years, after which individuals will be required to re-certify their credentials. This process will be based on credit for completed professional development courses from specified organizations, a list of which will be distributed at the time of testing. The fee for Re-certification is $30.00. After you have completed three Crime Prevention Specialist re-certification, you obtain the status of a LIFETIME Crime Prevention Specialist and do not have to go through any further recertification process.

The 3-Day Introduction to Crime Prevention Course and 
Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) are copyrighted property of OCPA.


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