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Michael Blankenship memorial service award

In February of 1997, Officer Blankenship was killed in the line of duty while, responding to a call for service on the campus of The Ohio State University.  Mike was an active member of the Ohio Crime Prevention Association and served as chair of the planning committee for the OCPA’s 20th anniversary training conference.  Mike was a strong supporter of the OCPA and crime prevention.  A 15 year veteran in law enforcement, Mike was a crime prevention officer, community policing officer, bicycle officer, firearms instructor, certified instructor, and community crime patrol advisor.  Mike was a United States Air Force veteran and member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #9.

In 1997, Ohio State University President, Gordon Gee, stated “Mike was a teacher who strongly believed in education.  The lessons we learned from Mike are reflected in how we honor his memory.”  Like Mike, we must continue to teach.  We must continue to promote crime prevention education in our communities, and reach out to those who need help.  We must work to build a crime-free society and safer communities through effective crime prevention programming.  As we celebrate the OCPA’s 42nd anniversary and plan for a bright future, we remember Mike and give thanks for him and the many others who have shown us the way.  

Since 1997, the Michael Blankenship Memorial Service Award has been given annually as the Ohio Crime Prevention Association’s highest honor and is decided by the OCPA Board of Directors.  This award recognizes a crime prevention practitioner whose life and work reflects a commitment to the philosophy and mission of the Ohio Crime Prevention Association.  

Award Recipients

 1997 Mike Blass 2005 Ron Stollar 2013Charles Glisson
 1998 Jeff Caldwell 2006 Roger McHugh 2014 Chris Riley
 1999 Mike Stem 2007 Hugh Bennett 2015Shari Robertson
 2000 Ray Smith 2008 John Pohlman 2016 Eric Franz
 2001 Donna Zimmer 2009 John Hunkler 2017 Vickie Yendriga
 2002 Tom McAlpin 2010William Stansberry 2018John DiPietro
 2003 Earl Smith 2011 Shaun Campbell 2019Richard S. Biehl 


 Mike Heldman

 2012James Karnes  2020 


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